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List. Again.

Color: Black. But that’s not really a color. So blue?
Food: Pasta. Carbonara of course.
Band: Right now it’s a lot of Bitter:Sweet. Feel so incredibly sexy when I listen to their songs. Veronica Maggio is also on my top list at the moment. But the one I always rediscover and fall in love with every time, is Coldplay in the winter and Trang Fødsel in the summer.
Movie: Oh, many. Vicky.Christina. Barcelona., Closer, 500 days of Summer. And the list goes on and on.

Book: Volvo Lastvagnar by Erlend Loe.
Sport: Shopping? Does that count? No, I’m not really into sports. But if I had to play one, it would have to be floorball. I get all crazy when I play it.
Season of the year: Spring. Warm spring.
Weekday: Saturday!
Ice cream flavor: Caramel.
Time of day: Evening. 8.00 pm. That’s when all the fun starts. And I love slow Sunday mornings.

Mood: Moody
Ice Coffee
: Jeans and tank top.
Background: Come a long with me by Bitter:Sweet
Nail polish: Madrid by Mavala. It is red but looks more orange. Not very pretty actually, but I had to try.
Time: 10:19 am
Surroundings: At work. Working morale is at it’s peak.
Annoyance: Howling stomach. “Give me chocolate now!”

Dated one of your close friends: Yes.
Broke the law: Yep. I think most people have.
Got arrested: No.
Skinny dipped: Yes.
Been on television: Yes. I was in a short film that occasionally is shown on Children’s TV in Norway. It’s from 1997 and you can watch it here for 20 kr.
Kissed anyone you didn’t know: uhm. Yes. Many. Too many.

You can tell everything: My mother, Kristine and Lisa Marie.
You really like: Kristine, Camilla and Michel.
You don’t like: Hard one. Ungooglable people?

Coffe or tea: Ice Coffee.
Spring or Autumn: Spring spring spring!

I wish I could take all my siblings with me to Stockholm and keep them there forever.

List stolen from niotillfem


I have a major crush on fuckyouverymuch.

I’m in love with this blog that I just discovered. Spent hours reading through the whole thing yesterday. Genius.

Dress up.

So here’s the thing. I would fucking kill for that dress.

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Finfin helg med Michel.