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List. Again.

Color: Black. But that’s not really a color. So blue?
Food: Pasta. Carbonara of course.
Band: Right now it’s a lot of Bitter:Sweet. Feel so incredibly sexy when I listen to their songs. Veronica Maggio is also on my top list at the moment. But the one I always rediscover and fall in love with every time, is Coldplay in the winter and Trang Fødsel in the summer.
Movie: Oh, many. Vicky.Christina. Barcelona., Closer, 500 days of Summer. And the list goes on and on.

Book: Volvo Lastvagnar by Erlend Loe.
Sport: Shopping? Does that count? No, I’m not really into sports. But if I had to play one, it would have to be floorball. I get all crazy when I play it.
Season of the year: Spring. Warm spring.
Weekday: Saturday!
Ice cream flavor: Caramel.
Time of day: Evening. 8.00 pm. That’s when all the fun starts. And I love slow Sunday mornings.

Mood: Moody
Ice Coffee
: Jeans and tank top.
Background: Come a long with me by Bitter:Sweet
Nail polish: Madrid by Mavala. It is red but looks more orange. Not very pretty actually, but I had to try.
Time: 10:19 am
Surroundings: At work. Working morale is at it’s peak.
Annoyance: Howling stomach. “Give me chocolate now!”

Dated one of your close friends: Yes.
Broke the law: Yep. I think most people have.
Got arrested: No.
Skinny dipped: Yes.
Been on television: Yes. I was in a short film that occasionally is shown on Children’s TV in Norway. It’s from 1997 and you can watch it here for 20 kr.
Kissed anyone you didn’t know: uhm. Yes. Many. Too many.

You can tell everything: My mother, Kristine and Lisa Marie.
You really like: Kristine, Camilla and Michel.
You don’t like: Hard one. Ungooglable people?

Coffe or tea: Ice Coffee.
Spring or Autumn: Spring spring spring!

I wish I could take all my siblings with me to Stockholm and keep them there forever.

List stolen from niotillfem



Finfin helg med Michel.


Verdens fineste pappa blir voksen i dag. Grattis – ta en tattis.


Shopping habits: 

  • How much do you shop for each month? Exactly as much as I want to.
  • Do you have more shoes than clothes? No. Used to have though, but I never wore half of them, so I had to let them go.
  • Favorite color on clothes? Black, grey and white. Super boring, but true.
  • Favorite hairstyle? Long, dark and luscious curls. Penélope Cruz-ish.
  • Favourite garment? Bra. Let’s face it. I would look like a freak without it. On the outside – tank top.

  • Best pattern: I’m in love with ribbed tank tops, so I guess I have to say stripes? Patterns is not really my thing though.
  • Best accessory: A proper haircut.
  • Garments you hate? Harem pants, euw. Eller bolebukser på 90-tallet.

(Perfect hair)

Food & Bevrages:

  • The best dish? I think it’s a Scandinavian phenomenon but Google translate says: porridge. Risgrøt in Norwegian. And Pasta Carbonara. AH. I became hungry now.
  • Best dessert? Anything with chocolate in it!
  • Best beverage? Ehm. Hard one. Hot chocolate maybe?
  • Best alcoholic beverage? Champagne or White Lady (citrus drink).
  • Do you use butter on your bread? No.
  • Pick & Mix candy or finished bags? A bar of chocolate!
  • Best soup? Tomato soup.
  • Favorite ice cream? Caramelita by Mövenpick. mmm. Or Daim is.

Work & Education: 

  • Do you work or study? Little bit of both. I’m on my second year of rhetorics at University of Bergen. I work as an Assistant in the Administration at The Nansen Center and as a watchmaker at Tusen Tikk. After this summer I’ll most likely be going to Stockholm to study Fashion studies. I’m as exited as a bird with a french fry!
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy? No, that’s a boring answer. Copy writer, maybe. Or something within the fashion industry.
  • Is salary more important? Both yes and no.
  • Do you enjoy your job / your education? I used to hate my job as an assistant, but now I’m kinda pleased with it actually. The rhetorics wasn’t exactly like I expected, and I’m therefore a little disappointed. Too much focus on politics, and too little on everything else. Rhetorics is so much more than politics. In the movie The Adjustment Bureau, the main character realize that he won’t win the election, so he drops the facade and tell the crowd about the work behind the words. I think that was so genius . It goes a little something like this:

David Norris: But here’s the problem, this isn’t even my tie. This tie was selected for me by a group of specialists, in Tenafly New Jersey, who chose it over fifty six other ties we tested. In fact, our data su…suggests that I have to stick to either a tie that is red or a tie that is blue. A yellow tie made it look as if I was taking my situation lightly and I may in fact pull my pants down at any moment.
[the crowd laughs]
David Norris: A silver tie meant that I’d forgotten my roots. My shoes,
 you know shiny shoes we associate with a high priced lawyers and bankers. If you want to get a working mans vote you need to scuff up your shoes a little bit, but you can’t scuff ’em so much that you alienate the lawyers and the bankers, cause you need them to pay for the specialist back in Tenafly.
[continuing his concession speech]
David Norris: So what is the proper scuffing amount? Do you know we actually paid a consultant seventy three hundred dollars…
[he turns to his campaign aids standing in the stage wings]
David Norris: Was…was it seventy three hundred dollars, Charlie?
[Charlie whispers something to the other campaign aids]
David Norris: Seventy three hundred dollars for a consultant to tell us that…
[he takes off his shoe and brings it up to show everyone]
David Norris: …this is the perfect amount of scuffing.


  • Do you have children? No. Not in a loong time. Lot’s of siblings though.
  • Is infidelity okay? No. wtf.
  • Do you love someone? Family, friends and life!
  • Does the family mean much to you? Absolutely, they’re a big part of me.

(my father and I)

  • Where would you go on vacation? I would love to go to Barcelona. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I watched Vicky. Christina. Barcelona. Plus I have a thing for flamenco dancing. Olé!
  • Best climate? Warmth. 25 degrees or more is perfect.
  • Home party or pub? Home party. With all my favorite people. And shots!

The list was oh so brutally stolen from la louange et la blame.


Kristine er verdens søteste. Til og med søtere enn Jude Law. Så vet dere det.


Back in the days.

I had short hair once. And was in love with Michelle. And was way too young to drink mojito’s. I looked through some old photo albums yesterday and found this super cute picture.

EDIT: No, I’m not a lesbian.

PS. The married couple on the wall is Meretes parents.


New in is this keychain from TING. It says poop in swedish. – Those little things.